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Professional services by SOLO® Kissimmee Shuffleboard Movers

Guaranteed by a national organization IN WRITING

We are the only organization in the industry that offers 7 days per week support for our customers with the most technologically advanced systems in use today.

Call our professional shuffleboard installers to get your free quote and get your moving and installation service scheduled. In addition to shuffleboards, we also move and service pool tables.

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Your satisfaction is what has made us the largest and most professional company in the industry.

SOLO® Shuffleboard Movers

Having your shuffleboard table moved with SOLO® Kissimmee Shuffleboard Movers in Florida includes professional tear down, transportation with expert leveling and installation.

We handle everything for you from start to finish.

SOLO® Shuffleboard Movers Kissimmee, Florida.

It’s easy to damage these large pieces of equipment, the process itself is technical and therefore must be carried out by professional shuffleboard movers.

SOLO® Shuffleboard movers in Kissimmee has experience in the moving side of the business.

Any service on shuffleboards requires trained specialists on the area to achieve the desired result from the installation, beware of unrealistic offers, many movers do not honor or guarantee their work, and you have to keep in mind that a shuffleboard table is a valuable piece of furniture

SOLO® Shuffleboard Installers

We have installed several shuffleboard tables in the past and have over 20 years of experience doing it.

We build the shuffleboard table from the ground up making sure it’s perfectly leveled and ready for you to play.

Besides serving shuffleboard tables, our technicians are also experienced pool table movers.

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It helps to know the following information before contacting us, this will give you a head start on your move and installation:

  1. Where are you moving from/to:
  2. How long is your shuffleboard table?
  3. Does it have a scoreboard attached?
  4. Wha is the brand of your table?
  5. Where is it currently located (basement, ground level, 1st or 3rd floor)?
  6. Where will be the destination for it to be installed (ground level, basement)?
  7. When do you need this service done?

Knowing these particulars will help us on the process of quoting you for any service on your table

The workmanship of our shuffleboard installers is backed by the ABIA in writing

SOLO® Kissimmee Shuffleboard installers have you covered by the only national organization in our industry.

Members of the ABIA offers you an exclusive 1-year service guarantee IN WRITING and issued by the American Billiard Installers Association.

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The ABIA was formed to raise the standards in the billiard industry, and we are the best choice in the market providing a serviceable written guarantee from the ABIA and we will not only tell you that we guarantee our work but we also follow-through if a problem arises, a rare thing to find in a company in our industry.

This is what sets us apart from the rest. The highest level of protection in the entire country.

Shuffleboard Table Sizes / Room Table Size

When in the process of moving a shuffleboard table it is very important to get to know the size of the room where the table is being installed because we want to get the most space and optimal playing area as possible

Think about elbow space, distance from windows or fragile items, 2 feet clearance on all sides of the table are recommended.

Shuffleboard tables are available from 8 foot-22 foot lengths

If you have limited space the best options for you to consider are 9′ and 12′ shuffleboard tables. These are perfect for tight spaces in homes or apartments, bars or venues.

Shuffleboard Table Size Image.

For tables with electronic score units, you want to make sure that you have clearance above the table, consider if there will be fans, lighting, etc.

Clearance should be your primary concern when choosing a room for the move or installation

Call our professional shuffleboard installers here at SOLO® if you’re ready to move and install your shuffleboard.

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